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Desk Puzzles - High to Low Poly

Desk Puzzles - High to Low Poly

Ben Rodgers
by booglegreen on 29 Aug 2022

This was a couple days work to keep busy and practice. The initial goal was to create something as realistic as I could, this then became how low poly could I make it, while still looking realistic? My modelling is getting faster, I'm understanding topology more and UV unwrapping is actually enjoyable.

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I was pleasantly surprised by how good the low poly looked. Going from 4,850 to 28 polys and reducing the map size from 1024 to 512 was definitely worth it.

The low poly barrel needs more geometry at this distance. Bevelling the edges would have helped with the silhouette. The reduced sides are also causing the texture to warp, I could have kept it more cylindrical and still under 100 polys. Lesson learned!

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