Interior Design Of Your Dreams
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Interior Design Of Your Dreams

by Hipple on 19 Aug 2022

This is part of a final project for a course in 3Ds Max modeling and rendering in Vray.

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Update - 19 Aug 2022

These are some of the works in progress i have rendered for an interior design project i have been working on, on and off, for roughly a month.(based on a reference from an evermotion catalogue). I've decided to start with the composition with primitives and lighting before doing real modelling. 

This is the almost finished WIP i have made so far. Still rendered at half resolution and with low GI settings, it's missing some textures and a little bit of more detailing. 

it's been hard and confusing for the most part but i've been having a blast making it! i'll try to post more WIPs  before i finish it!

Any comments or critiques is welcome lay it on me!

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