Grim Keeper

Grim Keeper

Rhys Hughes
by RHughes64 on 11 Aug 2022

Grim Keeper is a 3rd person, single-player, hack-n-slash game. Where you play as the Grim Reaper alongside his ghost companion Alastor, who is on a journey to the rainbow bridge so Alastor can pass on to the afterlife.

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Grim Keeper was my final project game at Vancouver Film School, where a team of five others and I created a game. This is a 3rd Person Hack-N-Slash game where you play as the Grim Reaper, who is on a final journey to help the spirit dog, Alastor, pass on to the afterlife. 

My role in this project was Narrative Designer and Generalist Game Designer. I worked with lighting, HUD design and implementation, VFX, and accessibility options. 

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