The Gate
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The Gate

by LsDamien on 10 Aug 2022

I started from the idea of Dekogon's tutorial on Artstation but I do a little bit of my own ! I modeled and textured quickly the door to be able to devote myself more to the framing and the light. It's the first time I'm doing water on UE and it's quite a challenge!

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Update - 5 Sep 2022

And here we are. Finally finished with the sounds in bonus! There are still things to improve but I'm happy with the result !


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Update - 23 Aug 2022

After a break Im back and I see the end of it, I'm finishing the camera movements!

Update - 16 Aug 2022

Ok I'm done with water! This material gave me a hard time. I have my caustics, ripples, refraction, reflection and the wet effect on the rocks ! I just have to add some vegetation and I could go to the camera !

Update - 14 Aug 2022

water gives me a hard time but it's starting to get interesting, I started to work on lights with a little hot/cold contrast.

Update - 14 Aug 2022

Quite a big change, I didn't like the feeling of before, here the fact of enclosing everything creates a more mysterious atmosphere about this door. And it's supposed to be a secret base...

Update - 13 Aug 2022

redesign of the concrete with assets, decals and quixel materials. I found my first version too low poly compared to the environment. The door seems to me coherent I kept it as it is.

Update - 11 Aug 2022

Final Water material, caustic and Ripples done. Im happy with this result. I guess that was the most difficult part.

I still need to add a lot of assets and make some trees in speedtree !

Update - 10 Aug 2022

My idea here is to make a scene around a mysterious gateway to a secret base abandoned in a rocky canyon.

My low poly entry point is all about texturing. I want to focus more on camera movements, lighting and rendering for this project.

I'm still working on the water and it's quite a challenge, especially since the lumen and the reflections don't work together, quite constraining, but I learn!