A Curious DragonFly

A Curious DragonFly

by KimthuSicart on 9 Aug 2022

Here’s my cartoon dragonfly Onyx🌸🌱 @scentofthemoon_ I finally ended this little project i've been working on this summer! Software used: Maya2022, Pixar Renderman, Photoshop, NomadSculpt

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Here’s my little cartoon dragonfly Onyx🌸🌱

I had done an illustration for the entrance competition of my art school MoPa, showing Onyx on a flower and I thought why not give life to this character in 3d?

So after months of barely using Maya3d I finally finished this project💫

#maya3dautodesk #photoshop #rendermanmaya #nomadsculpt #maya3dtexture #modeling3dmaya #3dcharacter #3dcharacterdesign #3dcharactermodeling #3dillustration

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