Goat sculpt

Goat sculpt

by Lennistrad on 2 Aug 2022

A goat sculpt that I did for a school project. Everyting was done by me and I learned so much and improved my sculpt ability during the process. I had so much fun to do it and I hope you like it !

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The renders were made with Arnold in Maya and the sculpt in Zbrush.

Here a turnaround of the model. I also did the inside of the mouth. The skull was supposed to be a sketch but I had so much fun to sculpt it that I added more details. It is not final but I could easily reuse it in a future project and finish it.

I did the retopology in Maya. The final model has 9435 faces and 18748 tris.

To get the result, I did a rough sketch of the skeleton and the muscles to better understand the anatomy. This is early iterations, I modified them a lot during the process.

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