Dunwall Alley
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Dunwall Alley

by par94 on 21 Jul 2022

After taking a rest and working on some other stuff, I'm back with a new project: Dunwall Alley, from one of my favourite videogames, Dishonored. The plan is to create a small, closed Diorama, in which the player can move around, using the teleport mechanic from the game.

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Update - 21 Oct 2022

This week I have created a functional safe box blueprint.

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Update - 12 Aug 2022

First textures added, buildings taking shape, and a few experiments using auto tiling materials:

Update - 4 Aug 2022

This week I've been working on some blueprints that will be used to interact with the environment, such as blinking, opening doors, picking up objects,...

Next week I'll start to import textures and building models, give some color to the environment.

Update - 28 Jul 2022

One of the most important visual factors of dishonored is its slightly stylized textures. In order to create and modify these textures quickly, these days I've been learning Substance Designer. Although I still have to improve the textures, the main graphs are already created.

Beside learning the basics of Substance Designer, I've also set the foundations for a very importante piece of my project, the water material.

Although it still needs some work, the main features (sliding normal textures, vertex displacement, and foam generation) are already in place.

Update - 21 Jul 2022