History lesson in the wordl of Xéro

History lesson in the wordl of Xéro

Sabina García Sánchez
by sgarsan1219 on 14 Jul 2022

Monoena has gone to library in Koilada. There, she will meet to Yiayia, a wise old woman. Yiayia will speak about past, present and Spilaio's truth. This will lead to a breakdown in Monoena. Exerevenitis will be witness of all.

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This scene is from my concept art project Xéro.

Xéro shows us a post-apocalyptic fantasy world divided into dichotomies and contrasts, in dichotomies and contrasts. One day, however, Monoena, a peculiar person, is born. Who breaks with the standards of Spìlaio, an industrial and conservative city where only blue, red and purple only blue, red and purple. The standards of the clergy and the obligation of offering obsidian will make Monoena have to leave the city. As in Plato's myth of the Plato's cave, on leaving she will discover a world of shapes and colours she has never seen before.

Thanks to Exerevnitis and Yiayia, she will discover the truth about Spìlaio and start a revolution against the clergy.


Explanation of the situation.

Monoena, after leaving Spilaio, is helped and found by Exerevnítis. He takes her to his village Koilada, where Monoena will meet YíaYía. A six-armed human able to control all the elements and magic. She is the oldest in the village and knows everything about the world and its history. Exerevnítis takes Monoena to the library where YíaYía lives. There, Monoena discovers the truth of the world and Spilaio through the old woman, who uses her powers to make history visible. Monoena is shocked by the information and evidence that leads her to be confused by what she had learned in the pastof de city: Dankoma does not really threaten the city but transports it from one place to another to protect it from the dangers of the apocalyptic world. Moreover, it is a monster created with people selected by a filter, it shows all those who do not look blue, red or violet. A filter that still seems to be maintained in Spilaio...

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