Farolero (The Abyss of the Cauldron)

Farolero (The Abyss of the Cauldron)

Daniel Pagán
by danielpagan on 8 Jul 2022

Cartoon character for animation. Design by me. Sculpt in ZBrush. Clothing in Marvelous Designer. Retopology and Modeling in Maya. Textures in ZBrush and Substance Painter. Hair with xGen Maya. Render in Arnold Maya.

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El Farolero. This is the second character I've made for the 3D animation short film I'm working on.

With this character I wanted to implement the software Marvelous Designer as a new tool in my workflow. All garments are different layers of clothing simulated on top of the character's body.

I hope you like it as much as I enjoyed making it!

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