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Mario Gonzalez Alfaya
by DrakonHebi on 29 Jun 2022

This is a character I have been working on for some time and I wanted to share the final look and the process to get there.

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In this project I´m gonna show my process on this character I made specifically oriented for in game use. I´m going to show some of the final renders first so you can apreciatte the final content before I start elaborating my workflow. 

The final model is a low poly mesh, with all the needed maps baked, but first I had to do the model itself in high poly, focusing in all the details and a very clean look. I wanted to create a cartooney look; an anatomy and expression similar to Arcane, Clone Wars or games such as Sifu, Dishonored etc.

Then I proceeded to do the retopology, made in Topogun, focusing on creating a low mesh that worked perfectly in game.

The final mesh has 12K without jacket and 18k with it. 

The car is around 5K (doors and windows not functional, it is only a render focused mesh).

Then I did the Uvs (3DsMax) and the texturing (Substance Painter). 

Here I show you separated the different maps used in the model to genereate the final look.

Here you have the final model in A-Pose and in a neutral lighting enviroment and a car´s close-up so you can see them clearly.

Thank you so much for seeing my work!

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