The Light of Hope

The Light of Hope

Diana Karakushyan
by Sabretooth2611 on 26 Jun 2022

Unreal Challenge: Better Light Than Never Submission. This project was created to showcase my lighting skills. Feedback is highly appreciated because I'm still learning :)

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In the time when everything seems hopeless, there is always light that charges you and brings you back to life.

This is my submission for Unreal Challenge: Better Light Than Never. The brief was to produce a 10-30 sec video to showcase lighting skills using Unreal Engine. No post-editing is allowed, so this is the raw render from Unreal Movie Render Queuesmiley It was an incredibly fun experience. I challenged myself to model a spaceship because I am lacking hard-surface modeling practice. I've gotten more confident UVing hard-surface objects during this project. Also, I've learned more about lighting and rendering in Unreal and gotten used to working with sequencer and movie render queue plugin. A big thanks to Unreal for creating such challenges and allowing artists to showcase their work! Also, a huge thank you to Nachshon Rubel for allowing me to use his concept art "Crushsite" as an inspiration for this project!

Editor view for each shot

Before and After improvements based on feedback and my own thoughts

Wireframe and UVs of the spaceship

Credits to sourced content:

Concept Art “Crushsite” by Nachshon Rubel at ArtStation 

Volumetric Clouds by Michael Kinsey at ArtStation

Quixel Megascans (Canyons of Utah Collection): Rock and Cliff meshes and textures, footprint decals, ground material

Music Cinematic atmosphere score 2 by Musictown from Pixabay

Beep Sound by EdR from Pixabay

Wind: Desert Monolith by Proxima4 from Pixabay

Sci-Fi Machine Power-Up 43779 from Zapsplat

Sci_Fi Power-Up by Ryan VanEerde from Zapsplat

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