Harry Pearson
by harrytp on 14 May 2019

'The last remaining crew member of a deep space vessel is hunted by an unnatural creature.' - I created this project to help develop my skills as a cinematographer and pre-vis shot creator. Environment assets & Lt. Belica character from Epic Games, environment assembly & all other animation, lighting & edit by me.

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I created this project as an effort to develop my skills as a cinematographer, while introducing me to a realtime pipeline for animation and visualisation in Unreal Engine. While I realise 'Enhanced Visualisation' doesn't really exist, it's what I've decided to call my effort to create a more polished visualisation sequence. It's not needed, it's not even that helpful, but I gave it a try and it was a lot of fun! I think in reality the sequence is more suitable for a game cutscene.

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