Warcraft themed bookshop - ESMA FYI

Warcraft themed bookshop - ESMA FYI

by JoelKIDANGAN on 19 Jun 2022

Here is a bookshop I designed for the final project of my first year at ESMA.

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The following piece was made in Maya and rendered in renderman. Post production was done in affinity and resolve. 

So this is a bookshop based in Azeroth where people fleeing the war are offerede refuge and can purchase books. As people over here are running from war and also due to fundamental difference in currencies between humans and orcs, books can be bought and sold on the barter system. As can be seen in the first shot the process of exchange is in progress where a customer rips out his tooth in exchange for a book. In this shop people exchange a book for an object of value and sign a pact promising to live through the war and return to retrieve their item and pay for the book. The owner of the shop is a very kind man and usually spends his days helping kids who frequent the store find good books and such. Food is usually provided every morning in exchange for help around the shop. The owner of the shop is quite fond of children. So fond, infact that he went so far as to help them build a fort which can be seen in the background of shot 1. Right next to the fort, as can be seen in shot 2 is a rainbow box. Kids deposit marles in this box each time they spot a rainbow. It teaches them to appreciate the little things in life. The owner spends his nights cleaning up the shop and writing. In this case a couple of orc and human kids were playing around and happened to spill a can of paint over as can be seen in the background and so he is currently in the process of cleaning up. He usually spends his nights writing newspaper articles that he then distriutes the next morning . The articles condemn the war and preach for peace as the owner does his part in whatever capacity he can to stop the battle for Azeroth. The window in the foreground of the second shot acts as a metaphor for the war. Every night he boards planks and piles books to lock up the window. Yet every day it opens again making all his efforts futile. He still diligently sits to board it up every night in the hope that one night it will shut. This again is in similar fashion to his shop. He runs it in similar fashion to do his part against the unending war

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