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Guillermo Jesuardo-Artwork collection 2022. PART 1

Guillermo Jesuardo-Artwork collection 2022. PART 1

Guillermo Jesuardo
by RetroDrawsG on 16 Jun 2022

My illustration collection of 2022 until June. Here I'll show you the different pieces I've worked on apart from the university stuff and a brief description of what I looked for them.

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Menhera-chan fanart

Mainly focused on character dynamism and flow.

The main objective was to make an epic illustration from a simple character, so I heavily referenced Yoneyamai's work in order to reach her artwork's dynamism and composition.  Also I played around  very contrasting colors for the lightning rendering.

Satania idol animation

Mainly focused on animate a previous illustration

This was a special draw to celebrate one year art account anniversary, so I decided to go further and transform it into an animation with Unity. 

Ranni the witch illustration

Mainly focused on illustration ambient and lightning.

I loved this character while playing Elden Ring, so making a full piece illustration was my objective for this artwork. I looked for every Ranni fanart I could find on twitter and used a different workflow as usual: trying to start from a grayscale and work the colors in the same layer.

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