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Le Voyage

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Created: May 30, 2018   
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M.F.A. visual thesis: Georges Méliès In Motion Graphics
 Le Voyage supports that Méliès’s use of mise-en-scène can be applied in motion graphics to achieve similar functions as found in his films, especially in creating and supporting the narrative.
Journeys often lead adventurers through searches of some impossible satisfaction or self-discovery. This journey applies Georges Méliès mise-en-scene method as it tells the story of Babaouo, who sets out to rescue his lover, who has been imprisoned in a castle. Besides the use of character design, performances and scene design this work is an in-depth look at the traveler's own desires and memories. The journey is a glimpse inside the adventurers own vivid imagination through which attempts to manipulate the audience to understand life and human nature.

Director: Siji Chen
 Producer: Siji Chen
 Director of Photography: Siji Chen
 Art Director: Jeff Lawson
 Concept Design: Siji Chen
 Motion & Animation: Siji Chen
 Compositing: Siji Chen
 Babaouo & Mathilda: Abby (Yaolu zhang)
 Choreography: Abby (Yaolu zhang)
 Composer: Haley Bowers
 Sound Effects & Mixing: Haley Bowers
 Cinematographer: Matt Van Rys
 First Assistant Camera: Jeff Lawson
 Technical Advisor: Matt Van Rys

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