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Video Description

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Created: March 12, 2018    POPULAR
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This project is about Holographic UI’s, I developed my “AD Hologram tools” for Houdini. They are tools designed to create sci-fi hologram user interfaces. They are each showcased one by one in the video below.

I ended up with three categories of tools: Elements, Modifiers and Spacers.
The element tools are stand-alone 2D- and 3D-elements that make up the UI, this involves meters, rulers, grid outlines, graphs and more. The modifiers are tools that can modify any input geometry to make them fit within a UI, this involves changing colour and alpha values, turn geometry into wireframe and more. Lastly the spacing tools serve to clone objects in different ways: on grids, radially or on a custom surface. This idea came from references, where elements are often cloned in these different ways as well.

My tools are made in and for Houdini using the HDA's (Houdini Digital Asset). Calculations and other more complex internal computations are coded in Python. Editing and compositing of the videos is done in Adobe's Premiere Pro and After Effects.

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