Laboratory Bedroom Environment UE5
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Laboratory Bedroom Environment UE5

Héctor González Ruiz
by hectorgonzalez on 15 Jun 2022

In a quiet night, while everyone sleeps, there's still a light sparkling in the dark. Under the impression of being a normal bedroom, lies a secret lab that belongs to someone who spends the nights investigating eggs from a creature of another realm.

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Update - 3 Jul 2022

Sorry for the lack of updates, i’m currently pretty busy with my temporary summer job.

But anyway, here’s some lighting progress. I’m trying to get a cozy and relaxing feeling with a mix of pink and cold lights. :blush:

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Update - 15 Jun 2022

Hello everyone! I’m starting a new project for my portfolio! I’ll be posting updates weekly.

This time i want to mess with light and colors as much as possible. Hope you like it, guys!