Game art doc : Pathway to Heaven PART 1

Game art doc : Pathway to Heaven PART 1

Guillermo Jesuardo
by RetroDrawsG on 14 Jun 2022

Pathway to heaven is a 2D side-scrolling platform videogame with an strategic "life-timed" combat gameplay that tells the story of Doremi, a cute pure girl who died due to a demonic possesion and now is going to heaven with her inner demon to fight angels.

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Our first brainstorm left us with ideas about making a cute and adorable looking game.

 Since there we looked for many references and ended up with a mix of 80's year anime style and Dedouze's art style, a French artist who uses Blender's greasepencil with a colorful color palette.


Character reference sheet.

Main character explorations

I wanted Doremi's design to be as simple and pure as possible while Black Doremi could have more details but keeping the same silhouette.

For the angels and last boss, it should be chaotic, with a reference to the biblically correct angels terror.

Final designs.

Doremi is a sweet, pure and innocent girl who died due to the possession of a demon, and now she thinks she will find peace in heaven, but unfortunately there are angels chasing her, which are not as nice as she thought. In her possessed state she becomes known as Black Doremi.

Horrendous and incomprehensible beings to the eye with a large number of rings, wings, and eyes which persecute the protagonists with a single objective in mind, to carry out the orders of their superiors: The Seraph, a trained war angel with a more humanoid appearance than the rest, who gives the order of capture and expulsion.

Animations: Doremi, Black Doremi, Enemies.

Character rigs.

Animation References

Thanks for reading !<3

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