Succubus (character bust)

Succubus (character bust)

Michael Gaffey
by MichaelG on 11 Jun 2022

This is the character bust I created for the current weekly drill. Everything was done in Blender from sculpting to texturing and rendering.

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I sculpted my character bust in Blender and then used vertex painting to texture it, once I finished creating the bust I rendered it using blender cycles for realistic lighting.

I sculpted the base mesh and then remeshed it for a higher poly version to sculpt in more of the features and details, I also added noise to one of the brushes to sculpt in some skin detail.

I rendered the turntable using Evee for a faster render time.

I gathered my reference from google images and used it to help me maintain the stylised look i was going for and to also help me add any extra details that would improve my sculpt and textures.

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