School - Principal

School - Principal

by marvilossa on 6 Jun 2022

The Second Character for my "School" environment in UE4 (available in my previous entry post)

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My goal was to achieve a stylized look. I used Zbrush (sculpting, polypaint), topogun (retopology), Substance Painter (texturing), 3ds Max (UVWs, rigging, skinning), and Photoshop for some tweaking. I also created the High School  Girl (available to see in my previous post). This is part of my Final Project for my senior year at FX ANIMATION Barcelona.

You're a high school girl who receives a notice that requires you to go to the principal's office during the break. You need to gather some notebooks and binders to get there. This project was possible using Third Person Story Adventure Template, from Palinoia Interactive.

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