Fresh Scars: Space Fantasy Worldbuilding
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Fresh Scars: Space Fantasy Worldbuilding

Lee N. Livingston
by noksidraws on 5 Jun 2022

A visual development project for the Dungeons & Dragons game I'm in, with the potential to evolve into a comic or illustrated world guide.

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Update - 5 Jun 2022

I've been working on illustrations & concept art for the space fantasy D&D game I'm in. Our DM takes inspiration from the original Spelljammer stuff, but the world is entirely his own. 

This is a hypothetical comic cover for our campaign, featuring the main characters so far. It was my first piece of digital art in around two years! I'm slowly transitioning from exclusively traditional art to primarily digital, so a big piece like this was good practice. 

The four player characters (being held on the hands) are as follows: 

Ingot (far left), a robot barbarian with a love for suits and a quest to get himself a soul. Created & designed by Russell Behr. 

Ghen (center left), the froggy artificer who created Ingot and is on the run from her fascist home-world. Created & designed by me. 

May (center right), a seasonally-shapeshifting druid tasked with restoring his destroyed planet's ancient forest. Created & designed by Wendyl Doncourt. 

Atergul (far right), a mysterious reptilian warlock seeking knowledge for his even more mysterious patron. Created & designed by Desmond Saunders. 

Featured in the background are the three main villains of the first story arc---Primus, a planet-sized AI with an ever-expanding empire; Mahuadis, an eel-spider crime lord and owner of the ship we stole; and The Lord, an archfey whose strange scheme brought us all together in the first place. I designed these villains with guidance from our DM, Harry Saunders.

Besides character design, I've also been working on worldbuilding visual development with our DM. Here's my first pass at a redesign of the Triton race---inhabitants of an underwater world we may be visiting soon. 

I'm excited to continue working on this project as the campaign continues! I would love to make a comic or illustrated world guide for this fantastic universe we get to explore. Working on this project has challenged me to grow my digital art skills & develop my confidence already, so I can't wait to see what's ahead. 

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