Markus Gruner
by AkhushGruner on 3 Jun 2022

My advanced term project at Think Tank Online, tweaked and Re rendered. Gustaf Skarsgard's character Floki, from the show Vikings.

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Floki Likeness

I'm Happy to present the tweaked and re rendered version of my advanced term final at Think Tank Online, A likeness of Gustaf Skarsgard's character Floki from the show Vikings. This project pushed me in so many ways and I'm happy I was able to take it as far as I did.

                                                                                   Final Renders

Grayscale Render


Finding good reference is critical on a likeness project. I spent a long time finding many different angles of Gustaf and Floki, I spent some time matching features on different photo's to create nice lineups in photoshop. This made staying on track with the likeness sculpt easier later on.


I tried to keep the topology as neat and even as possible, maximizing density around the areas of movement and expression. This was important as the original project was sculpted neutral with expression being added in later after achieving the likeness.  The diffuse was projected onto the sculpt using a Texture XYZ diffuse map and then heavily altered in Mari using nodes. The reflection maps were built on a black and white version of the diffuse. The coat layer doubled as both roughness map and its own input channel to highlight the reflections on the T-zone, lips and eyelids.


The sculpt was by far the most time consuming aspect of this project and was an amazing chance to study subtleties of the human face closely. It was all done by hand using basic brushes and a hand created pore brush. A basic detail pass was projected onto the head in mudbox then split into RGB channels for different levels of detail. I applied them to layers in zbrush, and tweaked values/cleaned up areas before baking them into the sculpt.


Animated Light


All grooming was done in XGen using guides. I made a collection for Floki and the Collar. The Floki groom was split into descriptions for the brows, lashes, peach fuzz, moustache, beard, shorthair, longhair, and blonde hair. 

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