Sam Woods | Motion Design Portfolio

Sam Woods | Motion Design Portfolio

Samantha Woods
by samwoodsdesign on 1 Jun 2022

Hey y'all! I'm a third year undergraduate student at SCAD studying motion graphics. My work explores a wide variety of subjects and techniques from 3D motion graphics to illustrative visuals. Thanks for stopping by!

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Demo Reel 2022

Pokemon Logo Reveal

The pokeball is an iconic representation for the global phenomenon and francise Pokemon. This logo reveal was an exploration of redshift, c4d and various video copilot plug ins.

National STEM Day


This infographic was created to educate communities about gender bias in the STEM education field and provides solutions to support girls in pursuing STEM careers. National STEM Day is an opportunity for people to recognize diversity in STEM fields.

Style frames:

Shadow and Bone Title Sequence


The plot of the novel follows Alina as she discovers her powers which can only be used around an amplifier. After being manipulated to use her powers, Alina realizes that she must find and kill the stag (deer) in order to have control of her own powers. When she eventually finds the creature she ends up sparing it’s life out of hope and mercy.

Logo animation process:

Style frames:

Pun Fun


Puns often brings out the humorous side of people. This short and light hearted infographic shares a few puns that will surely brighten your day.

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