Snow Ball Rolling Simulation

Snow Ball Rolling Simulation

by ArtHeadCreations on 1 Jun 2022

For one of my class's final projects, we had to simulate a snowball rolling down some snow. Using the Ncloth for both the patch of snow and snowball, I was able to achieve an uneven yet soft snow-like look to it. I created basic textures before it all got rendered.

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I used Ncloth particles for this simulation in Maya, and did some quick textures in Substance painter. I rendered these frames through Arnold before editing and messing around with the EXRs in Nuke so it all had the right color tone to it, given that the mountain is just an image, while the foreground is the simulation. 

I also have points emitting within a side of the snowball so that it had that "dusty" look to it; and I also made them a bit translucent. 

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