VFX Group Project 2

VFX Group Project 2

Thibaut Van Waeyenbergh
by Fabio De Proft, Lars Vaernewyck, Stan Van Malder, and thibautvanwaeyenbergh on 7 Mar 2019

Dancing simulations. Inspired by Method Studios.

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This is the second group project i did. Our team consisted of 4 members and we had about 10 weeks to finish it. We decided to make 4 different Houdini simulations with a model that continuously dances whilst the background and the effects change. I was tasked with the basketball court footage. We made sure we had an HDRI, a picture and a small video of the location. We recreated our camera digitally and put it in place in Houdini. From here, everyone could use this as a starting point. I made the simulation and made sure that the particles were assigned colors based on their lifespan. Rendered it with Mantra with different AOV's and then started on the compositing. We decided to each do our own compositing work. Compositing was done in Fusion.

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