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Fredrik Ahlqvist
by Ahlqviz on 31 May 2022

The brief was to present a holistic concept for a hotel as a part of a group, where each individual set out to design one room. In my case the spa. The challenge was then to make them as if the same artist would have created them while creating a concept that is tied to the local culture.

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The brief was formulated to as a part of the team develop a proposal for a hotel concept in a designated location. In my group we took on the emerging metropolitan tourist city of Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam. As a part of the challenge we took on 3 individual rooms that needed to be readable as if the same artist could have produced them.

The vision for the concept was to provide something beyond the commercial traps that many international hotels fall into where they lose the uniqueness of the location. With this in mind we set out to create an atmosphere for the hotel that would attract guests worldwide while still paying homage to the local culture. 

With my background as an architect I had a particular interest in the heritage of the architecture, and into pin pointing the unique qualities of the regional architecture as well as what have influenced and shaped it through the eras.

Software used: 3DS Max // Corona render // Illustrator // Photoshop

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