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Fredrik Ahlqvist
by Ahlqviz on 31 May 2022

Collaboration with Assembly Studios to simulate a real life client process with sharp deadlines, as well as expectations on proposing a holistic concept that carries to the final image.

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Canary Wharf Christmas

This project was set out to be simulating a real life project in collaboration with Assembly Studios, who took on the role of the client that expected you to envision the potential of their project. While remaining true to that vision from the regular check-ins to the final delivered image.

The actual project is an extension of the existing skyscraper that are a part of the larger vision for the area as a center for a diverse after work social life. Therefore I set out to hone in one the core of the project by using existing framing elements, while working with a Christmas based theme based on the local Christmas by the river event. Utilizing contrasting cool materials with warm emitting lights.

Due to camera angle the project required extensive 3d modelling to create the context of the wharf together with the proposed concept.

Software used: 3DS Max // Corona render // Forest Pack // Sini // Parallax // Photoshop

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