Gull Sight Study Center

Gull Sight Study Center

by Tonywu1118 on 30 May 2022

In its simplest forms, interior design can profoundly affect one’s mental well-being and positively alter behavior and reinforce productive habits. Beyond the physical environment, interior design can be the foundation to positively stimulate mental wellness, lower stress level and increase productivity.

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Basic design such as lighting, a HVAC system, furniture, color, and layout can help students comfortably study in the space and curb students attempts to avoid school and academic tasks. A beautiful view with natural elements and sound can help students better focus on their tasks and restore their attention when reaching their limit. a creative, customized and unique built-in can increase the connection between the students and the space. Moreover, once attached to a certain place, greater memories will be produced. Personal influence, face-to-face interaction, and informal communication can not only increase intimacy but also ignite motivation and the desire to win. Providing a space where students can evaluate their abilities, study habits and behavior can help them develop a passion toward a chosen academic project. By combining all the elements together, we are providing our students a place where they want to come, to stay longer and to form attachments. They will form good study habits by performing the correct way of studying repeatedly. They will also follow a more positive pattern in forming friendships while immersed in a positive atmosphere. Eventually, their study behavior will be affected and changed even without the study space because while enjoying a comfortable study experience in sight of the student center Gull, they have acquired the habit of performing well over and over again. 

The perspective for the common area involves using multiple tree-like structures to form a forest environment; this is not only appropriate for the concept, but it also creates a biophilic pattern which can help students feel relaxed. The research has found that having a transition space for students to get ready for intense study is good for their mental health and can possibly help them to study for longer periods. It is a good space for a student to retreat from the study as well. The dream of a pillar in the middle can be customized by the student who can write down their dream or goal on the pillar. He or she will be reminded that the school is always with you during your journey, so be bold, school is always behind your back. With the exposure of sunlight, the top part of the tree structure becomes a seagull shape. The design intends to use school identity to tell students we are family, take control, spread love, and protect each other, it is a safe and welcome space for the student to interact and communicate.

The beam is covered by a hexagon, nest-shaped structure. The biophilic pattern represents school identity as well as a nesting place. a home for the student while at Salisbury university. Light luminance is between 4000K, which is great for academic performance, while all the furniture is ergonomic with no busy color, and the visible setting can help students interact easier. Further, the HVAC system with a wind chime wall provides natural sounds and a fresh air quality.

According to the research, motivation can be a huge asset for students to modeling self-control. Field theory suggests people’s behavior can influence by others if they are inside of their fields, just like what bandwagon effect and herd behavior suggested. So, to make sure student’s personal fields can be intersect with each other, the distance between each furniture cannot be too further away. When design, there are no furniture is more than 15 feet away from each other.

Harmonic passion and autonomous motivation are the key to helping a student achieve academic success, but it can only happen when student is interested in what they study, here is what is special about this design. By combining the third-place theory and experiential learning theory, to offer a student an environment to try, observe, test, and evaluate a major to see if it is a good fit. the design divides all the majors in Salisbury University into 10 categories and places them into 10 study spaces (Figure, 65). Each study space will be designed specifically for each major, so the student who does not know what major to choose can experience that environment, and the student who is already in the major can also benefit because everything in the space is specifically for them. Moreover, to offer a student a distinctive identity, each environment will use different built-ins, ceilings, colors and themes.

Face-to- face interaction, informal communication, the chimes wall sound, high luminance, and vast open space can definitely help students correct their study behavior and possibly fuel their passion and motivation. But not everyone loves the idea of studying in open space. Many people enjoy studying alone, and according to the biophilic theory, offering students a refuge or retreat space is very good for general well-being. Consequently, the facility is also providing a private study space for students to focus on their own tasks.

To compete with the open study space, a private study space has its own uniqueness. Slanting the curtain ceiling can combine it with the light thus making people feel they are in the courtyard. This design uses biophilic theory. Moreover, using natural material such as stone and wood reduces stress and restores attention. In this private area, a student has his or her own option to adjust the temperature, the brightness of the light, the time of the pomodoro, and the sound of the alarm.

To compensate the absence of interpersonal influence, this private study space will use gamification theory instead of the bandwagon effect to promote student’s motivation. Research has found that accompanying gamification theory with the pomodoro technique can positively affect student’s motivation and increase their academic progress. Every private study room will have the pomodoro set up, so students can customize their own study experience.

Place attachment is used not only inside the building but also on the outside. For the student it is not only a study space but a landmark. Further, the light tower provides direction to students wandering the dark night and knowledge of the forest, and it helps students stay safe after they finish studying at midnight. This study space attempts to help student improve academic performance as well as guide them physically and mentally. 

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