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Jin Erkhan

Jin Erkhan

by FrankFu on 30 May 2022

This is my personal character inspired by the Mongolians from the 1200s. I did research on their culture and what they would wear around that time. I tried out many poses to fit my character's attitude and did studies on materials that would relate to what the character would wear.

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Wolf of Mongolia, right-hand man of the Taimoor Khan, I present to you Jin Erkhan

Born a southerner in the 1200s, Jin was found by Taimoor in the snow, Taimoor was 12, and Jin was 6. Jin was in very bad shape, lingering on his last breath, Taimoor was strong enough to carry Jin on his shoulders, and brought him home to his parents.

Fast forward to today, Jin has become the nation's number one swordsman. He has a traditional Mongolian sword to his left, and a short dagger to his right (which was with him on the day when he was found). Jin's name is given by Taimoor's father, which means "careful", because he wants to train him to become Taimoor, the future Khan's defender.

Jin is always on guard and ready to draw his dagger to any danger to Taimoor. It is true that Jin can react fast enough to deflect in coming arrows with his dagger. being unapproachable, Jin has no friends except for Taimoor, for he is the lone wolf of Mongolia, and protector of Khan.

research, reference gathering, and a helmet study

Exploring poses 

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