Handmade 3D texture pack (pilot)
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Handmade 3D texture pack (pilot)

cristi rivero
by cristirivero on 29 May 2022

If you are looking for handmade stylized texture packs, can you help me so I can help you?

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Update - 29 May 2022

STATUS: ongoing

(in need of support, see below)

applying Liam Collod's advice (given on 29 May)

Project info


Main info
- Product: handmade texture pack
- Use: texture for videogames

Concept info
- Idea: countryside biome *
- Aesthetic: 2D-3D *

Technical info
- Output format: 2D texture maps (.TGA) **, 3D material (.MTL) *
- Dimensions: 4096x4096 px *
- Resolution: 300 ppp *
- Software used: Clip Studio Paint, Materialize * and Marmoset Toolbag *

(*): can be changed if support is provided



- Textures.com: https://www.textures.com/library
- Poly Haven: https://polyhaven.com/textures
- Google Images: https://www.google.com/


- Clip Studio Paint (paid): https://www.clipstudio.net/es/
- Materialize (open source): https://boundingboxsoftware.com/materialize/
- Marmoset Toolbag (paid): https://marmoset.co/toolbag/


- Artistas con Ñ Discord server (Spanish CGI artists): https://discord.gg/3rsdZaxkYD
- Sir Wade Animation Discord server (animation): https://discord.gg/zeZSSQu
- CG Lounge Discord server (CG artists): https://discord.gg/Fn6dUKkFyU

Pipeline process


Being proposed to make a handmade texture pack

Looking for images and creating moodboards for each texture


Texture (WE ARE HERE)
Creation of a main texture and different maps for the texture: albedo, ambient occlusion, normal (bump), color, etc.

Import the maps to Materialize, adjusts the parameters, improve the texture maps and generate a material.


Preview testing
Import the material into Marmoset Toolbag and applied to a 3D sphere (Quixel Sphere).

Preview rendering
Render an animated preview of the 3D sphere with the material


I say the word "support" lots of times because "support" is everything that can help me, and is FUNDAMENTAL.

- kind words to keep me motivated: cheering, praising, etc.
- feedback: constructive and polite advice to improve my art
- beta-testing: test the pilot-projects I make if they are meant to be used for a pipelined workflow (ex. textures)
- learning resources: sources of learning in a free-paced way, if possible
- networking: expose my talent to more people via social and job media, or expose those people to me so I can talk to them
- texture proposals: ideas to improve textures or make new ones
- art proposals: how to improve my creativity and use it in more ways
- career advice: how to offer my talent to people
- selling advice: how to sell my art in the best way possible (Gumroad, Ko-Fi, Patreon, YouTube, etc.)
- money: commission requests, job offers, patronizing, etc. (I am eating from food coupons, ngl lol)
- everything else: any other type of support you can offer


Álvaro Ródenas (Abetus)

- Talent: hard-surface 3D modeler and texturer
- Contribution: idea, initial advice
- More info: https://www.therookies.co/u/abetus

Sir Wade Neidstadt

- Talent: 3D animator, content creator, youtuber, animation mentor, entrepreneur
- Contribution: motivation, praising, permission to ask on his Discord server, expecting
- More info: 

Eva Mateo

- Talent: 3D lighting and compo
- Contribution: access to CG Lounge Discord server, motivation, praising
- More info: https://www.artstation.com/emateofabregas

Liam Collod (Lauch)

- Talent: surfacing, lighting, technical direction, VFX
- Contribution: help to use CG Lounge Discord server, motivation, praising; selling, licensing, technical, workflow advice
- More info: https://mrlixm.github.io/

Loved ones (friends, family, citizens)

- Talent: all kinds of support
- Contribution: keeping me alive so I can use my creative talent to change the world
- More info: friends, family, citizens, Internet people, associates, dissociates


11 Apr
- Social Services troll me.
- I become very poor.
- I start looking for jobs and grants.

1 May
- I'm still very poor.
- Álvaro Ródenas tells me stylized texture packs are a good option for me to earn money.
- I tell Álvaro that I still want to try some more time to get a normal job.

18 May
- I stay poor.
After being trolled even more by Social Services and employment agencies, I ask Álvaro Ródenas for support to make texture packs.
- Álvaro gives me info to start: create a biome texture pack with 3 basic textures.
- I decide this first pack will be based on a countryside biome.

19 May
- I decide that the three countryside textures will be: rock, bush and grass.
- I go to textures.com and look for image references to make moodboards for the three textures.
- Álvaro tells me how to make a good stylized texture and gives me reference from Zelda games.

22 May
- I prepare the illustration files and reference images.
- I sleep 30-minute siesta.
- I turn my computer on. Murphy smiles.
- I cry and plan suicide.
- My friends try to convince me to not commit suicide.
- I finally don't commit suicide.

23 May
- I bring my computer to technical support.

24 May
- My computer gets fixed.
- I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

25 May
- I start creating the sketch of the grass texture

27 May
- I ask for support in Artistas con Ñ Discord server
- Eva Mateos, from Artistas con Ñ, gives me the invite to CG Lounge Discord server

- I ask my mentor Sir Wade Neidstadt for support
- Sir Wade gives me permission to ask for help on his server and provides emotional support

28 May
- I ask for support on CG Lounge's Discord server
- Liam Collod, from CG Lounge, gives me advice to make my post outstand more

29 May
- I apply Liam's advice and I post my project on CG Lounge's Discord server
- Liam Collod gives me feedback and career, pricing and license advice

- I post an entry of another texture to The Rookies 2022 contest to bring attention to my projects
- I post this entry for the texture pack.

- I start applying Liam Collod's advice.

Thank you for everything!

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