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by nandikagupta on 1 Jun 2022

A tablet dock and productivity app system made for older adults to bridge the gap between the digital and physical world. The dock is a tangible way to interact with technology in their physical space while the app provides a streamlined and accessible experience of the digital world.

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With massive innovations in technology happening at record-breaking speeds, there is a growing Digital Divide between older adults and modern technology. Older adults are not seen as a viable target demographic (despite being an incredibly lucrative market segment), so new technology is not designed with their needs in mind.

And when technology is made for older adults, it’s made without their input and still without their needs in mind, often designing for the older adult’s caretaker or assumptions based on stereotypes instead.

With a rapidly growing older adult population, we find more and more choose to live independently to maintain their autonomy. This is a practice known as “aging in place” — as opposed to going to a nursing home.

There are so many examples of assistive technology that older adults could leverage to help them accomplish their goal of aging in place: custom hearing aids, accessibility settings in the operating system, and even mainstream technologies like smart home lighting, but they are never exposed to because they immediately assume new technology isn’t for them. Their experience has shown them it may be impossible to understand, set up, and use new it in their daily lives.

Core needs of older adults from technology

Meet Molecule

Molecule is a tablet case and productivity app for older adults that bridges the gap between their physical and digital world. It brings fun, tangible ways to interact with modern technology in their physical space and integrates with the Molecule app to provide a streamlined and accessible experience of the digital world.

The Molecule Ecosystem

The Base Kit

Includes the essentials: tablet case, app blocks and a docking system.

The Molecule App

Includes three main sections: Web Browser, Saved Items, and Notes.

Expandable Accessories

Optional accessories made to work within the Molecule ecosystem and bridge the gap between physical and digital even further.

Molecule's Impact

Molecule is made for a set of accessibility needs that it is normal for older adults to experience as they age, but each of those features is something people of all ages can benefit from.

For example, there’s many valid reasons someone might prefer to tap for every action instead of performing drags, or write instead of type, or make the text larger on the screen.

We truly believe that Molecule is not just for older adults, but for a whole generation of younger adults and children who benefit from blending the physical and digital worlds.

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