An Uninvited Guest

An Uninvited Guest

Yifan Wang
by YifanWang on 26 May 2022

For unknown reasons, a green iguana broke into the car studio. I created this scene in GNOMON's classes, Hard Surface Modeling 1 & Texturing and Shading 2. Lots of thanks to my instructors, David Mooy and Christophe Desse!

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Many thanks to Christophe for his lectures and for giving me this fantastic idea! 

I modeled this Aston Martin 1933 Le Mans in Maya. These mechanized designs and all the details of classic cars fascinate me. And I tried to carve an astute green iguana following reference photography and then created as many layers as possible in Substance Painter to mimic the texture and pattern of its skin. Finally, I combined the scene in Maya and rendered it with V-ray.

While checking out this car project, I studied studio photography's lighting and camera movement techniques. I'm trying to make a quick cut shot short to showcase all the details I love about this classic car.

The project was awarded Best of Term by GNOMON, a category as Texturing and Shading in the 2021 Fall Term. I am very grateful for this incentive, which gives me more motivation and passion to create interesting works.

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