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sitong shen projects

sitong shen projects

Sitong Shen
by siishu on 25 May 2022

Projects and work i've done over the past year

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Hello! My name is Sitong Shen but i go by Lief or sii_shu on the internet. For Rookies this year I thought I'd show some of the work I did for uni, including a series of charachter designs made for a fictional fighting game and work made towards a personal comic project


For this project we had to create 4 characters for a fighting game, the type of game as well as the style and aesthetics were left up to us. I decided to make the game set in a fantasy meet sci fi world based in East Asia (specifically China, Japan and Korea) taking inspiration from the myth and legends of the location

My first character is an investigator sort of individual, with a mid to close range but fast fighting style complete with high mobility.

I took a lot of inspiration for her outfit from the armor used by ancient Chinese soldiers (specifically of the Han dynasty with inspiration taken from the others).

I added the prosthetic leg in an effort to balance the amount 'traditional' vs 'sci fi' elements of her design, it is also where I got the idea for adding hover tech to her shoes/sloes allowing her to move like wearing heelies.

Below is her finished design in a splash art

For my next character I decided to go with a tank, someone big and stocky with heavy hits but less overall speed/mobility

My idea for this character ended up being a terminator-ish tall robot in charge with protecting a small child (the classic stoic emotionless protector and small cheerful child who stirs something in that robotic heart).

For this robot's design I took my inspiration from traditional Korean outfits specifically for men. I also knew I wanted to hid its identity a bit, that in the lore they're on the run so it makes an effort to not appear as a robot at a glance. 

For my third character I decided to go with a ranged magic based character. Someone who can hit hard and has versatility but low def

The previously mentioned child that the big robot had to look after, this character was inspired the kumiho, a supernatural fox creature from Korean mythology (as well as partially inspired by the hulijing, the supernatural fox creature from Chinese mythology).

For this character's outfit I looked towards the traditional Korean clothing for children, with  a big triangle-ish shape similar to a dress or coat. It was quite hard to add more futuristic elements to the outfit so I compromised with reflective plastic bits to add just enough

I also did a callout for this character's weapon which is a ginko hairpin.

For my last character I wanted to make a character with a erattic and chaotic movset.

This character ended up being a Japanese inspired ghost that comes out of a washing machine ala the 'Ring'.

I went with the very classic and traditional Japanese ghost design complete with a white kimono and the white triangle headband indicating the dead. The washing machine I went with a fairly standard washing machine design with a special hover technology attached to the bottom for ease of transport.

The final part of my project included making an in game screenshot, whether that be of the gameplay, victory page, special move etc.

I decided to go with a victory shot of the robot and fox kid characters


From here I will be showing a comic I have been working on.

The story is about Jay, a former aspiring pro archer, Ethan, a computer repair technician and Cordial, Jay's dog as they make their way back to their hometown right after the apocalypse left civilization crumbling.

Here are some initial things I made including designs of the main 3, side characters and some character sheets.

The 4 pages I have made so far

And the process I used to make the pages! A few steps are missing but I went with sketch, panels/background and textboxes, inking, base colour for everything, multiply layer for shading, adjustments and further details/shading layer, highlights and effects (lighting, static, movement lines, etc).

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