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2018-2019 Student Work

2018-2019 Student Work

François Brugalières
by francoisbrugalieres on 11 May 2019

Here you can find some of my works that I made this year. I'm trying to be the most generalist as possible, to be able to understand the all process of a CGI/VFX production. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoyed working on it, thanks !

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2019 - Work

Inspired by video game cinematic like assassin's creed, the elder scrolls, or Drakensang. I wanted to create a little story with my wizard and this huge monster !

(Breakdown are in my showreel 2019). 

2018 - Work 

In the beginning this was a school project the goal was to recreate a character from a movie in an animation style, it was my first time on zbrush, but then i decided to texture and animate him in an environment. It was my first time doing a project from scratch to an animated shot ! I learned of thing with this project 

 (Breakdown are in my showreel 2018)

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