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Color and Modeling

Color and Modeling

Raúl Bertullo Álvarez
by Rabeal on 22 May 2022

As we can see, here I will show you my works about color and modeling.

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Hello! here we are going to see some works I have done over time.

One day, I started to make some thumbnails to make a background for future projects/video games. The theme was about Vikings, Celts, and so on. So I decided to make these 4 thumbnails that you can see.

So, of those 4 drawings, I had to choose one, and this was the one chosen. Later, I decided to fix it up and start getting into the details, the lighting and the tonalities. And this is the result.

Then, I decided to make more props and I made it with layers.

Then, I assembled everything in Unity, and here you can see the final result.

(The authorship of the character, in this case the Viking, does not belong to me)


First of all, I started to make this mortar to get a result of a mortar from 500 years ago. Well this is the Low Poly.

Then I started scuplting it in Blender,  to get a more attractive appearance than what I was trying to achieve, because with the details such as scratches, holes and bumps or sinking, I achieved a more optimal result.

And this is the final result, as you can see, I preferred to make the stone wheels since I wanted to give it more aging by sculpting cracks, and in the wood you can see sinking, implying that it had impacts with arrows.  

As for the texturing, I wanted to paint darker parts with cooler colors, to get that feeling of being dirty with gunpowder and rust on metals. (You can also see that as the project progressed, pieces or parts of the model were missing, due to time optimization)


Here , I'm going to show you the progress of this corridor that I made. First of all I looked for references for the project

Then I made a Blocking to start.

As I progressed I redesigned the props and the environment

And then , I made the texturing, some fixes and here is the result

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