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Necrosis - 3D Game Project

Necrosis - 3D Game Project

Adrian Araque Romero
by adrarom on 22 May 2022

3D Game Project made with dacogo02 - In this post you can see some of the coding and screenshots of the game

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Necrosis - 3D Game Project

Me and my mate dcoronado02 made an horror game based in an 80s abandoned cinema.
Here you have many screenshots of the game, where I made the coding and participated in modelling, texturing and animating.

Here you have parts of the code I made for the game.

For interacting with the assets, I've used a parameter called "interact" that acts like a trigger and applying an Interactable tag that makes a Raycast from the main player to the front of the camera detect which items are working or not in order to avoid extra lines of code and making a generic interaction system.

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