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Animations 2D/3D

Animations 2D/3D

Raúl Bertullo Álvarez
by Rabeal on 22 May 2022

Here you can see all the animations that I created until now

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This is a short level that I made and I animated, as you can see, the ball would be the main character, since it is also animated, as the ball progresses through the level.

This is a short video showing a 2D animation for a Unity test character.

"The Sapling's Hope" It is a videogame that is made by Gabriela Cardoza Alamar and Raúl Bertullo Álvarez. So here, we can appreciate some animations that I made.

Here we can appreciate some characters 3D animation tests.

Well, "Terror Mansion" is a 3D videogame and as you can see, this is the main character "George Frost". And here we are going to appreciate the RIG, texturing and Animation.

And here, we are going to see the jump scares from the videogame, I hope you enjoy them and don't be scared ;)

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