Hearing Colours
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Hearing Colours

Madison Fun
by doodlebug on 11 May 2019

Meet McKenzie, a Synesthetic middle schooler with a knack for making friends and a condition that makes it hard to do much of anything at all. They’re starting at a new school this year! What could go wrong?

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Update - 11 May 2019

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Update - 11 May 2019

Meet McKenzie!

In this isometric RPG-style game for all ages, a determined middle schooler must learn to manage life as a normal 11-year-old (with some help from you, the player) while also dealing with their diagnosis; a condition called Synesthesia.

All McKenzie wants to do is learn how to play an instrument; but when you see colours in your peripheral vision every time you hear a sound, joining band class seems like a very difficult feat. Will you be able to help our little hero learn an instrument by the year end band concert?

Gameplay includes point-and-click scenes, homework mini game tasks, decisions that affect your personality trait statistics, and difficult moments of true scenarios a young person may face. While the object of the game is to keep up your statistics and get good grades (and make friends, of course!), the overall purpose is to educate and inform about this uncommon, rarely talked about, difficult-to-live-with... and under-appreciated condition.

Because honestly, having this condition is awesome, despite the everyday difficulties it comes with.

And I, the creator, a true Synesthetic person, wish I could have played something like this when I was 11.