Road to Hedeby, a character and environment design project.

Road to Hedeby, a character and environment design project.

Laia Matari
by Laiamatari on 22 May 2022

A viking era inspired project centered around character, creature and environment design.

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Road to Hedeby started as my last project for my second year of my Concept art degree and it ended being one of my favourite projects I've ever done. 

When coming up with ideas for my own art I often tend to take present times as a setting for my stories, so getting to do something inspired by the viking era was definetely completely new experience yet an exciting one. 

When starting to work first thing I knew I had to do was getting to know not only how the viking era looked, but also how people lived back then so my characters and enviorments felt more real, even though fantasy elements could be added after. 

That's why my first step was taking a few days to resarch and study.

After feeling comfortable enough and kind of used of which kind of elements were common in architecture, clothing, crafts... it was finally time to start designing and creating!

Even though I worked on both my characters and environment simultaneously so they all felt part of the same universe and had the same visual lenguage, I'll start by showing the process from my main chaeacter.

For my creature design I followed a very similar path as I did with Sigurd my human character, only adding a few days to study different species of real animals and mixing them to come with a new one!

The last part of my character work for the project was drawing some interactions between both of them.

That's all about my characters, let's talk about the environments now!

Starting by drawing some general assets that I would later sculpt digitally so I could have a more solid base to work with, this was just a warm-up before getting into the design of my main building that alongsides my characters would be the main focus of my compositions. 

After setting on a final design it was finally time of working on thumbnails, light settings, colours... Everything that could be planned before starting the final pieces.

Here are the final results!

Thank you for thaking some time to read and learn a bit about my workflow!

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