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Lidia Ortolá Calatayud
by lidiaortola on 21 May 2022

This is a 2d game called "Constellations" made in two weeks by my partner @Tamashiz and me. Next, I will show you my participation in the game.

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In this mechanic we see a menu where a series of animations are produced when certain buttons are pressed. These are highlighted when the cursor is hovered over and selected when pressed. In addition, we have implemented the volume where it can be adjusted to the player's taste in the menu itself and also during the game.

In this other mechanic, we see how I have realised the movement of the playable character where we have the idle, walking and jumping implemented from a state machine. Then, we have the activation of Alpha's animations from colliders that Epsilon perceives. Finally, I made the mechanic that when the player picks up a piece of fuel and increases the bar implemented in the interface.

Animations and rig of Alpha:

Props and scenes:


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