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Stylized Faun 3D character/game asset

Stylized Faun 3D character/game asset

Lenka Klemparova
by LenkaK on 21 May 2022

In this most recent uni project, I was exploring new software, such as Marvelous Designer, and learning more about Marmoset Toolbag4. I am looking forward to getting back to this project and making some improvements.

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The latest project of my own design. Stylized Faun character for games.

I went through the whole workflow from designing, iteration, sculpting, retopology, and Uvs up to final renders. Due to lack of time and approaching submission, I used Mixamo for the pose. As soon as I can, I would like to get back to this project and make some adjustments and also give my Faun a vest I made in Marvelous Designer alongside the trousers. Marvelous Designer is a new software for me and I cannot wait to explore it further. 

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