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PacMan project made in Unity.

PacMan project made in Unity.

Tania Miralles
by Tania on 21 May 2022

Easy and small project made in Unity of the realization of the PacMan game.

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It has been done as follows:

-Assembled the level

-Use of a GUI;

      -Creation of a main menu.

      -A winner screen.

       -A loser screen.

-Creation of functional buttons.

-Use of a character controller with the new Input System.

-Using the Nav Mesh to make the enemy chase you.

-Coin detection and countdown.

-Detect that the player collides with the coins and the enemy does not.

-When the enemy collides with the player the scene has to change to that of you lost.

-When the game detects that the coin countdown has reached 0, the scene of you have won must appear.

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