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Delta City

Delta City

Mao Mornity
by maomornity on 17 May 2022

Post Apocalyptic stuff doesn't have to be desaturated and boring.

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Not so much time to participate for a challenge, but regarding the theme, I can't pass.

So here is a quick concept for the 14th Digital Painting School - post apocalytic challenge.

Prompt was to define the major vista from the Water Keepers, a faction in charge of the most rare ressource on earth in this slight distant future. Their main city has been built on the last clean delta on earth, I assume it's the Nile don't know why.

Only 4 hours to make it in the last two days, quite a rush, quite happy of the colorful mood as I'm pretty bored of classic post-apo visuals.

Base Architecture made on Gravity Sketch
Layout Blender
Postwork Photoshop

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