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by Hakumei on 12 May 2022

A 2D Sidescroller created by Bhavik Prasad & Jeramie Gamble.

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Welcome to our game, this is a project Jeramie and I (Bhavik) collaborated in. This is our final piece for our lab 2 unit, where I was the programmer and Jeramie was in charge of the art. Unfortunately for now, we were unable to think of a name so I'll refer to it as "Runner".

We decided to create a 2D, side scrolling runner styled game. The player's objective is to traverse through the level and find the exit.​ There is only one decently sized level however, it is very difficult and is designed to be this way. The player must learn the level, the enemies, the trap placements, collect coins and purchase upgrades. Without the primary upgrades the game is near to impossible.​

Using the coins collected from within the level, the player can purchase upgrades that will help them progress.

- Each health upgrade adds and extra heart

- Double Jump upgrade allows you to double jump

- Trap vision shows the player all the trap placements throughout the level, without this upgrade you cannot see traps.

The level requires the player to traverse the obstacles set out for them. This includes tricky environment and traps.

There are three other enemies in the game, a basic slime, the sword enemy & the final boss. It should be noted that the player cannot attack.

The final area of the level is a boss fight against a skull. The skull has two attack patterns.

 1.) Where it constantly attacks up and down whilst moving towards the player.

2.) The skull charges directly at the player, before charging its eyes light up.

Since the player cannot attack, to defeat the boss the player is required to bait the bosses movement into a bear trap which will damage the boss. There are two bear traps and the boss arena, Furthermore, this is assisted by the bosses eyes lighting up. It gives an indication to the player for when the boss will charge directly towards them, a perfect opportunity to trap the boss. After defeating the boss the player can proceed towards a door which ends the game.

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