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Finn Ferguson-Cumming
by FinnFergusonCumming on 12 May 2022

ar_azamon is a 'Arms Race' map developed using the Hammer editor, and Source SDK for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Player will duke it out in a city nightclub to see who can reach 30 kills first!

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ar_azamon is an Arms Race map designed and created using the Source SDK Engine, and the Hammer Editor.

The map started out it's life as a simple idea sketched out by myself. Most of the original ideas in this original sketch were actually kept for the final version of the map, such as the layout of the club's interiors, and the overall setting of the level.

The map was then slowly refined, until I reached the final version of the map, as sketched above. Furthermore, early placement ideas for the props in the level were also completed in the sketch above.

My ideas then finally took form using the Hammer editor, which is a free tool from Valve with the purchase of any one of their games, for example in my case Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

As the 'Arms Race' map type is all about tight, small environment for players to simply duel it out, ar_azamon was designed with this in mind. There are three main choke points in the map, that being the two main door entrances, and the breakable window from the outside. This small amount of 'conflict' points was done on purpose, so that players don't have to worry about too many way where an opponent could come from.

Above is a more in-depth look at the level ar_azamon, for those interested in learning more about the overall development of the level, as well as seeing some of the result from playtesting. Please enjoy!

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