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11 Years Ago  Isaac Blackwood -Unreal Engine 5 Character

11 Years Ago Isaac Blackwood -Unreal Engine 5 Character

Riccardo Salamone
by rikyx98 on 11 May 2022

From "11 Years Ago" made bay RED 32 TEAM in Bigrock School.

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11 Years Ago
Isaac Blackwood  
Unreal Engine 5 Character

Isaac Blackwood is a character from "11 Years Ago" ,the last work made by RED 32 team in Bigrock School Institute of Magic and Technologies. 

11 Years Ago is an  investigative-thriller game made in Unreal engine 5. 

 For this character I was responsible for the modeling, grooming, texturing and rigging. 

Made with: Maya, Xgen,  Zbrush, Substance Painter, Marvelous Designer, Unreal Engine 5 

Supervisor: Roberto Rotella

Armchair modeled and texured by Riccardo GennariPendulum modeled and texured by Linda Ferrari

Zbrush Bust Sculpt

Hair Cards Texture made with Xgen and Arnold

Composite - Base Color-  Normals- Roughness- Metalness

Unreal Engine 5 turntable

Concept by Francesco Bedeschi

You can play for free the game here:

11 Years Ago Gameplay Play 

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