1979: Where Titans Live / Videogame Concept

1979: Where Titans Live / Videogame Concept

Ignacio Segovia Salmerón
by NachoSegovia on 11 May 2022

I ended my degree with this big proyect. A love to build stories and concepts, in this proyect I was able to touch everything, and what a journey!

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Hello! This is all the work I did for my degree´s final proyect. It was a long journey in wich I basically learnt 3D with Blender (my knowledge of 3D at the moment was not even basic). The result of that work is the videogame idea 1979: Where Titans Live. 

In the game, the space career didn´t stop and the cold war was raging. In our story, the player will be in the place of a cosmonaut, wich mision consists in travelling through our solar system to Titan, a moon of Saturn. They hope to find life there, and bring it back to the earth. But the story has a lot of things that remain in dark and soon, the player will need to find the secrets, of the place Where Titans Live.

Everything was modeled and rendered in Blender 2.8 with Cycles. Textures are from Poliigon and for the environment I used Quixel Megascans. Photoshop was used for pospo.

How the videogame covers would look like.

Real prototipe of the videogame covers.

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