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Big Foot Creature

Big Foot Creature

by MarkCrawford on 9 May 2022

A Stylised big foot creature that i created during my second year in my Motion Graphics course with Belfast Met

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Mr Blob Character

This is a character I created during my final year of my motion graphics course at Belfast Met College. I did every step of the process from initial designs to compositing him within exsiting footage we were given.


Our project brief was to advertise the Nike Air Max with an Urban Legend.

Mood Board

The Urban Legend I was drawn too was a stylised version of big foot

UV Map

3D Model


The final composite was combined with other effects that I added to footage that I was given for my project. I tracked and replaced the billboard at the begining with a Nike billboard I created. I also added the Nike tick logo behind my character in two shots above him and had a glitch effect applied to the logo. I also added a VFX portal for my character to jump out of during his animation.

Shot Befores and Afters

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