Sophie Ware-Maloney
by Anteric and sophiemwm on 9 May 2022

Progress for our Lab II project, Fenine, a 2D survival platformer where the player controls a cat traversing a dangerous forest! I was the character animator and designer, secondary background artist, sound designer and graphics designer for the project, and some of my work on this project can be seen below!

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The concept: Fenine, a 2D survival platformer where the player controls a cat traversing a dangerous forest, filled with monsters and secrets. Inspired by the legend of a cat's nine lives, the player's cat 'Night Eyes' was going to travel through 9 levels, dying at the end each time to start in a new life, while the world around it got steadily darker and scarier. The level we developed throughout our project was level 5, darker and spookier than previous levels but not yet at the vividly surreal and frightening later stages.

Concept Art

The game was originally intended to be in full colour. The piece of concept art above depicts the player's encounter with the monster 'the Sentinel', a creature inspired by the anatomy of deer, storks and deep sea creatures.

The Cat: Night Eyes

The World: The Nightwood


The Sentinel: A creature with a glowing chest that can only see the player when it moves in the light. The player must wait for its chest to dim so it is dark enough to move safely. Inspired by deer, storks and deep sea creatures

The Guardian: A monster attracted to sound, the player would have to call to it to lure it to different areas to evade it. If the Guardian got within range, the roar it gave would be the player's only chance to escape.


Little Spirit: Collectibles that appear around the level for the cat to collect

Deathscreens: Unique screens that would play depending on the death incurred by the player

Title Screen:

Unused Climb Sprite:

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