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Lab 2 Project - Sira: Creation Story

Lab 2 Project - Sira: Creation Story

by Gabbodile and SamIppolito on 11 May 2022

A 5 Page scrolling comic strip with a stained glass religious theme that tells the creation story of a fantasy world called Sira.

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"The world of Sira is a very expansive world with fourteen countries. But how did it come to be? Each country with their expansive, rich histories and mysteries hidden from the rest of the world, are united through this story of creation. A legend passed down through each era to date." - Voldris' guide to Sira

Lab II - The Creation of Sira

Lab II is a group project made of small teams put together to work on a larger project than Lab I. Each team is tasked with assigning roles to specific members, in order to share the workload and be able to work more altogether. This project is used to test and improve not only our skill, but our communication skills, production processes, and our ability to present something completed. Our group, consisting of Gab and I, decided to create a comic based on the creation of a fantasy world called Sira.

Story Writing

Gab and I brainstormed and began by writing the plot outline of the project. After a few days of deliberating and editing, we both came up with a story of creation for the world.

The goal of this project overall was to explore and improve our visual storytelling through the medium of comics. We decided due to the religious undertones of the story, with gods creating a world, we wanted to try to emulate the stained glass mosaics found in churches that tell religious tales. We also decided to format the comic in a scrolling webtoon style and focus more on large illustrated panels to give the comic a grand feeling.

After creating the story, Gab and I split into our given roles. Gab taking on the concept designing for the deities while I broke up the story into a comic script and thumbnailed the structure of the comic and panels.

I also assisted Gab in creating two mood boards for some of the deities, as well as working on the concept design for one of them so I could have a chance to design a character.

Flat Colour Backgrounds

After structuring the comic in a reasonable matter, I began to line the thumbnails with jagged black lines to mimic the uneven jagged look of stained glass. Varying the weights of the lines allowed for an interesting dynamic look to the mosaic, which gave it a unique style. After lining the panels, I then proceeded to work on colouring in the panels using full flat colours.

Using the fill tool, and adjusting the tonal range of colours, I was able to create appealing patterns in the stained glass that gave it variation and made it not look too boring. I was at first out of my comfort zone as I don't often work in bright colourful saturated styles so this project was an interesting challenge.

Full Pages

Final Thoughts

Working with Gab was really good and we were able to progress through the project very smoothly. We both enjoyed this project and spent a lot of time on it. We communicated and worked very well all throughout the project, having little to no disruptions or arguments. The most we had was a disagreement about colour but we quickly came to an agreement. 

After this project, I believe we worked together really well and hope to work with Gab in the future in any projects as we meshed really well together as a duo.

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